“Legacy” is a major point of emphasis for the Jordan Brand, carrying the torch of one of, if not the most legendary athletes in history, and back when Samuel first signed, it was equally important for him.

“As a kid, all I wanted were Js,” Samuel said. “Being a part of the Jordan Brand is something I’ve always wanted, and for it to be a reality is special to me. It’s a dream come true to be a Jordan Brand athlete and help carry this legacy forward to the next generation, on and off the field.”

Now Samuel and the rest of the 49ers turn their attention to the Kansas City Chiefs in a rematch of 2020’s Super Bowl. Before the big game, check out an exclusive interview with Samuel where he talks about what it means to represent Jordan Brand on the gridiron.

Why do you think football players have begun placing such an emphasis on cleats?
It’s a way to showcase your sense of fashion and personality, while also a way to tell great stories or illustrate things that are important to you. I also think it’s become competitive—like players are always wanting to outshine the other. At the end of the day, though, if you have Jordan cleats on, you know you’re built different. Jordans are tough.

Why haven’t other brands been able to do what Jordan has done with cleats?
You can’t name another brand that has a basketball included in the logo yet shows up anywhere it wants. Jordan Brand has the ability to enter unexpected places unlike any other brand because of its connection to the culture and to the people. This logo is bigger than basketball, and it all comes down to authenticity. We’ve seen MJ and basketball culture infiltrate other sports, and the Jumpman spirit makes sense in any sport.

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