Taylor Swift may face a tight turnaround if she wants to see a certain someone—her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce—play in the 2024 Super Bowl. After cheering on her man to victory in Sunday’s playoff game against the Buffalo Bills, the pop star may very well find herself needing to book a nonstop flight from Tokyo, Japan to Las Vegas, Nevada next month.

It’s worth noting that Kelce has gone to the Super Bowl and won with the Chiefs twice already. And for now, in this year’s contest, they’re still very much in the running. Basically, the Chiefs just need to beat the Baltimore Ravens to secure their spot in the NFL’s annual league championship game, otherwise known as the Super Bowl.


Here’s the catch: Taylor Swift will very soon return to work on the international leg of the Eras Tour. She has a show in Tokyo on Saturday, February 10 and the bowl game is the very next day on February 11 in Las Vegas. Before you start fretting over the logistics, though, remember that Tokyo is ahead of Las Vegas by 17 hours. That means, if she left immediately after the final night of her Tokyo tour stop, Swift could still make it to the States in time for the game on Sunday evening. In other words, Swift’s jet may get to see some serious action next month.

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