Charles Melton is intrinsically Hollywood—with his strong jawline and Disney prince hair, he just feels like a Very Famous Man™. It only makes sense he’s at Paris Fashion Week, but off-duty in the French capital, the actor’s fit is just as effective as the heavily curated looks from the front row. Instead, this is the stuff of the covert veteran fashion critic that hits the laptop keys hard and the clothes even harder.

Spotted in Paris, the May December star went semi-incognito in tinted glasses. Up top, he slipped on a black tank and a gold chain around his neck, which he layered under a slightly oversized shirt jacket complete with frayed detailing on the collars and sleeves. Tiny details, the sort that whispers fashion nous as opposed to shouting it full blast.

Down below, he hit the menswear golden ratio in a pair of high-waisted blue jeans secured with a belt, and he rolled ’em up just enough to show off his brown suede lace-up—because when you’re doing your 10,000 steps around Paris, you want shoes that survive and also look good.

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But what made it all even better was his trusty Prada shoulder bag, further proof of the actor’s effective schlepping game. “I love carrying a satchel, which is waterproof, that I have strapped around my body,” Melton told Elle earlier this year. “And I keep a little notepad and chapstick in it. It’s my purse.” Sounds very front-row critic (or very Jacob Elordi).

We’re used to seeing Charles Melton rocking some of the best suits in universe. During the May December premiere last year, he wore a slick all-black number, and at the Oscars 2024 afterparty, he arrived in head-to-toe Ferragamo. Even though his Paris look was more casual in comparison, the ensemble still smacked of fashion-insider know-how—and that’s maybe the most fashionable move of all.

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