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When you’re a guy like Carlos Alcaraz—winner of the US Open in 2022 and Wimbledon in 2023—a shoebox full of mementos doesn’t exactly cut it. Luckily, Alcaraz isn’t just a legendary tennis player, he’s also an ambassador for none other than Louis Vuitton. So, when it came time for Alcaraz to bring a collection of prized items together, the venerable French maison was only too happy to create a very special trunk for him.

Alcaraz’s bespoke Malle Vestiaire debuted today. It’s a remarkable piece of work, crafted from wood that’s then covered with LV’s unmistakable Monogram canvas and finished with the same type of brass clasps, closures, and rivets that Louis Vuitton has been using on its trunks since back in the 1860s. Hand painted on the exterior are a series of fun, custom logos—a silhouette of the man himself mid-forehand, a tennis ball with “Since 2003” emblazoned on it—paying homage to Alcaraz.

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courtesy Louis Vuitton

Inside the trunk, there are drawers and compartments galore, lined with microfiber and featuring elements like natural cowhide handles and woven cotton straps that call back to famous trunks like the Secrétaire Linge. And then there’s what all those drawers and compartments are holding.

Take a gander at the pieces found inside the trunk and you’ll discover some true treasures from Alcaraz’s career, including the Nike shirt and shoes he wore when he won Wimbledon. Complementing those pieces, an assortment of gems from Louis Vuitton is also on display. There are Alcaraz’s favorite LV x Nike Air Force 1s, of course. And the Speedy bag that was given to him by men’s creative director Pharrell Williams. Altogether, it’s a fitting trophy case for a true champion.

“Working on this Malle Vestiaire with Louis Vuitton’s artisans has been a great experience and a privilege,” Alcaraz said in a statement. “I am really proud of what we’ve been able to create together with this collaboration.”

If you’re in the market for something similar for yourself, there’s good news. The Malle Vestiaire is now available (price on request) with a Monogram canvas exterior and a beige interior, just like Alcaraz’s. Should you prefer something a little darker, there’s also the Monogram Eclipse canvas with a black interior, which launched in September of 2023. Either way, the piece will be made to order, so you know it’s extra special. And once you fill it with your personal treasures? Well, then it won’t just be special—it’ll be truly unique, and entirely your own.

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