Ending the year on a high note, we were thrilled to catch a glimpse of Bella Hadid, one of our favorite street-style stars, back out in the wild. Despite keeping a deliberately low-profile recently for health reasons, the supermodel continues to be one of the leading fashion influencers on the celebrity scene, known for delivering fashion moments that run the gamut from megawatt glamour to trophy vintage to delightfully unconventional. Bella’s chameleon-like quality is one of many reasons why fans remain captivated by her wardrobe, and her latest ensemble does not disappoint.


For a weekend outing in New York City, the model wore an outfit that balanced sophistication with just a touch of eccentricity (her fashion MO, in my opinion). Bella wore a form-fitting, sleeveless gray cable-knit top and trousers set, embellished with button-up details at the collar and a flared silhouette at the bottom. To complete her cozy look, Bella opted for black accents, including a vintage leather motorcycle jacket, a shoulder bag adorned with silver hardware, sleek leather pointed-toe boots and her signature cat-eye micro-shades (she later swapped these for geek chic spectacles for after-dark).

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