Austin Butler is on another press tour—and apparently, no journalist is safe from his natural charm. The actor has been making the red carpet and press junket rounds for his new film The Bikeriders, and he simply cannot stop compulsively flirting with his interviewers. The thoughtful questions! The eye contact! The smoldering! The gravelly Elvis voice! It’s a lot. Butler has successfully made each and every interviewer he speaks to visibly swoon—all while avoiding answering a single question.

Ok, Butler has been kind of flirty in interviews—well—forever. But he really kicked his flirtation game up a notch last week when he appeared on the red carpet of a premiere for The Bikeriders in Sydney, Australia. As he began talking to a 7Bravo reporter (who just so happened to be Lucia Hawley, aka Nicole Kidman’s niece, by the way) he instantly got his smolder on.

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“Hi, Austin, I’m Lucia,” she said, to which he replied with the infamous pick-up line, “Lucia, have we met before?”

“Are you from here?” he went on.

“Yes,” she said, adding, “I’m supposed to be interviewing you.” He replied, “I don’t like talking about myself,” before proceeding to ask her how old she was (25) and what she was interested in (art). “Where do you find your art?” he said.

Hawley giggled in response, “I should probably jump into the questions, ’cause this is my job.”

But this chemistry-filled convo was far from his last. In another interview in Sydney, a male journalist asked him, “When you get off that plane does it feel like home? Even though we speak funny?” Butler smiled and leaned in, before replying in his deep voice, “No, I don’t even hear it anymore. I love the way you talk. Now I’m just flirting with you.”

Butler continued his flirtatious press tour when he spoke to Claire Rowden, an MTV reporter.

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