If there’s one nail trend that broke the beauty internet over the past couple of years, it’s the glazed-donut manicure. Heading into 2024, however, aurora nails look likely to steal the crown. The trend takes the bits that made its glazed sis a hit (glowy, cute, eye-catching) but adds a modern update to keep things interesting.

One dreamy rendition we saw on the Instagram account of LA-based Korean American nail artist Mary Koh has us hooked. It sees icy pink and white holographic details submerged in a pretty, translucent gel.

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What are aurora nails?

The design sees shimmer and glow suspended in a clear gel that changes color as you move your nails, much like the northern lights (or aurora borealis), or water below a frozen surface.

The trend, which also goes by uru uru nails and ice nails, has K-beauty to thank for its inception. “It’s a popular trend in Seoul, which is where I learned it,” says Koh. “In Korea it’s called uru uru nails. I wanted to bring it back as a simple yet fun design.”

It’s essentially a glowier 3D rendition of glazed-donut nails that can add pretty interest and dimension to your outfit.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

How to do aurora nails?

Aurora nails start out looking very much like glazed-donut nails, but gel and holographic foil are layered on top to create a 3D effect, then the whole lot is encased in a thick gel top coat. “I created my look by layering foils in a multistep process,” Koh says. But to really next-level it, nail care is paramount. “Most importantly, I make sure the cuticle line is clean so that the design can take front and centre,” she explains.

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