There is a new version of Austin Butler’s Elvis voice in town. Ariana Grande has Glinda-fied her voice, seemingly, for good—and the internet doesn’t really know what to make of it.

In a viral clip of a radio interview recently posted on TikTok, the “Yes, And” singer speaks to the hosts in a deeper voice, before she appears to reset and pitch her voice slightly higher. Naturally, people had a lot to say about this apparent self-conscious vocal change.

“I don’t even know what her real voice sounds like anymore,” one person responded to the video, which can be viewed here.

“Glinda, let my girl Ariana go,” wrote another, referring to Grande’s character in the upcoming Wicked film.

Apparently, Grande had enough of all of this discussion about her voice change, because she also took to the comments section. The voice was “habit,” she wrote after “speaking like this for two years” while playing Glinda in Wicked.

But, she added, the higher voice was also something she did on purpose to support “vocal health.” “I intentionally change my vocal placement (high/ low) often depending on how much singing I’m doing,” she wrote, adding, “I’ve always done this BYE.”


As it turns out, Ariana Grande has kind of always done this. In fact, back in 2013, the singer said in an interview, “I’ve been speaking in a slightly higher placement than I usually speak in because I’ve been doing a lot of interviews and I’m trying to keep my voice healthy.”

So, like it or not, it seems like Grande’s Glinda-inspired voice might be here to stay.

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