Anne Hathaway has emerged as the internet’s big sister, coming to us with straight-talking, level-headed advice and a whole lot of sense and kindness. Now, she’s dropped her latest nugget of wisdom in the form of a beauty tip, which she uploaded to her TikTok this week.

“So this is a little tip on LipTok,” Hathaway told fans while dressed in a black dressing gown as her glam squad worked around her. “Instead of TikTok, it’s lip tok,” her hairstylist Adir Abergel said from behind. “Oh no, they’re young, they understand,” Hathaway responded with a smile.

She explained: “We’re here shooting the new Shiseido campaign, which is lovely, I’ve been asked back.” She continued: “It was the first set up, I’ve been sat in a chair for a while, we get on the set and I take a look at the monitor and I noticed I thought my upper lip looked a little, I don’t know, just a little wilted? So I asked Adir for a bobby pin.”

In the video, a new clip of Anne cuts over the first as she adds: “Ah I know I just said bobby pin… it’s not a bobby pin, it’s a hair pin and that matters.” The original clip cuts back as she explains: “I went in and I sort of stimulated my lip to try to get some blood flow back there to get some circulation, and everybody looked at me like I had three heads.”

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To demonstrate, Anne uses the pronged top of the hair pin to gently massage her lip and encourage extra fullness. But she notes the hack should be done carefully. “Safety disclaimer: you can overdo this, you can push too hard. It’s meant to be a gentle, gentle thing that you don’t do for longer than 30 seconds. Don’t stab yourself. If you’ve drawn blood, you’ve gone too far. It’s not a vampire LipTok. It’s just a little something to just kind of wake your upper lip up,” she says.

So, if we didn’t love Anne Hathaway enough already, she’s behind the scenes exposing all the A-list beauty secrets we didn’t know we needed (but will definitely be adding to our back pocket).

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