In addition to both being hilarious, the star said that being at the same place in life is part of why she and the SNL alum are good together. “It’s just also, like, we’re both in our 40s and parents,” Wong said.

Previously, Wong was married to entrepreneur Justin Hakuta, with whom she shares two daughters. They announced their split in April 2022, and Wong and Hader had a brief romance that fall. They got back together in April 2023, according to People.

In her Globes acceptance speech, Wong called Hakuta her “best friend” and credited his “love and support” for her success, saying, “it’s because of you that I am able to be a working mother. Three cheers for amicable splits!

Hader shares three daughters with ex-wife Maggie Carey, and has previously been linked to Anna Kendrick and Rachel Bilson, who shared some not so selectively private remarks about their relationship on her podcast. Asked what about her ex she missed the most, Bilson replied, “His big dick.” Once again, congrats to Ali Wong.

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