COMPLEX: How does it feel to be the face of the new Winter Lifestyle collection, and how did the relationship with UGG come about?
Aleali May:
For this specific campaign, they reached out. I actually worked with UGG back in 2012 and both of the projects have been really fun shoots. In my first one, I highlighted a Californian collective; I had just moved back to LA and was going to college in Chicago at the time, so when that happened, it was really cool. To this day, I feel like it’s one of my best shoots because everything just flowed. It was the same thing with this shoot as well. Everyone working on the campaign was on board with the concept, so we knew how to communicate and get the job done.

The campaign includes UGG’s first-ever selection of performance-based footwear. What is your favourite model, and why?
I love a chunky boot so I’m really into all the styles from the UGGextreme range. When shooting, I felt like I was playing SSX Tricky; it’s an old snowboarding video game that a lot of kids around here used to play, which was a really good reference as to how I felt wearing the boots.

You’ve styled a number of celebrities throughout your career. Who would you say the new collection is for?
It’s definitely for the younger girls who are into their fur boots and skirts, for sure. But it’s also really just for everybody. You don’t have to be ultra-famous but you can still see someone like Doja Cat wearing it, or even just an internet girl.

Are there any specific materials, colours, or design elements you find yourself gravitating towards when working with UGG?
When I think of UGG, it’s definitely brown. I also think of shearing and suede, but I’m more so always thinking about how my foot feels inside the shoe, which is cosy. It’s like I don’t really have to wear a sock, but obviously I should. The feel of them is what I really look for, and then it’s the browns and different colours.

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