If you’re going out this summer, your perfect outfit only needs two things: a sequin mini skirt and a tank top.

It’s the perfect combo that can please both the minimalists, who gravitate toward elevated basics and neutral colors, and the maximalists who can’t resist glitter and sequins, bold patterns, and vibrant colors. For the former, the sequin mini skirt is an invitation to have more fun with their wardrobe and truly embrace the sunny days and party nights that fill the season. For the latter, the combo is still striking and noticeable, but the simple top keeps things grounded.

A New York Fashion Week attendee wears a black tank top, a sequin mini skirt, and black ankle boots on September 9, 2023.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

It’s a way for both to channel the exaggerated glitter of Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter’s tour outfits with a little more subtlety. And where the sequin mini skirt was once reserved for New Year’s Eve parties in darker tones, it’s been reinvented for summer with trendy, bright colors and sleek metallics. In short, a sequin mini skirt with a basic tank top is the perfect combo for parties or even just a casual dinner.

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