In addition to the vocal problems on the festival’s first night, the evening was further marred by the slight dustup Stacy and his band had with an older, more established act as Ekkstacy prepared to perform. “We heard Lit from backstage,” says Gigi Giobbi, who plays drums. “They yelled at us.”

“They were like, Who the fuck is sound checking?” says Caleb Goldstick, the bassist. “But that’s how it works!”

“Lit sucks, bro,” says Stacy, as he produces his phone and googles “who is lit”—and, presumably, “who is lit band.” “Yeah, these guys look so dumb.”

“I just looked at that dude and I was like, if he comes over here, I’m just going to sock him,” says Andrew, protective instincts coming to the fore. “That would be a funny story.”

Someone suggests they shouldn’t worry about these guys and instead claim the moral high ground, as Lit hasn’t had a hit song since Stacy and company were all in diapers. Caleb starts humming the guitar intro to said hit song, “My Own Worst Enemy.”

“Get this, their two biggest songs on Spotify are that,” says Erez Potok-Holmes, Ekkstacy’s bleach-blond guitarist, “and then that song again.”

Coat by Burberry. Earring his own.

Coat by Burberry. Earring, his own.

Everyone folds into cackles. They have an easy camaraderie, which is surprising since they’ve been playing together for only five months. I should also note that everyone in the car, aside from Stacy and myself, is white. Ordinarily, this would not be worth mentioning, but Stacy, who is Black, likes to deploy the N-word with a soft “a” at the end as a sign of endearment, and the asymmetrical nature of the transaction is (1) pretty funny, and (2) shows that he’s attuned to whatever fusty distinctions might still come with being a Black kid who could present as a SoundCloud rapper but plays mostly sad guitar music. It’s a role he seems to relish, deviating from the mean. In fact, he’s quick to share his list of Top 10 White People: “Tony Hawk, Matt Damon, Michael Cera, and then just all my homies after that.” (Later, he will amend his answer to include Jennifer Aniston.)

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