Most of the neck pain problems we experience from sleeping come down to the head support we’re using. Back sleepers can get away with just about anything, but side sleepers and stomach sleepers have specific needs their pillow should take care of. Here’s a what those are:

Back sleepers – Generally considered the “best” way to sleep, your spine will be in generally good alignment no matter the pillow you use. You can get away with pretty much any pillow. That said, you don’t want anything too lofty that will compress your neck.

Side sleepers – You want pillows with extra loft, something to fill that space between your ear and the bed. Otherwise, your head is going to droop and cause problems. Beyond that, you need your pillow to be relatively firm, so as to not strain the muscles on the side of your neck.

Stomach sleepers – You poor fucks. This is the sleeping position that medical professionals will steer you away from, because there’s a very select few pillows that will do the job for you. So what do you need? Thin, probably the thinnest pillow you can find. on your stomach, it only takes a few inches to align your neck with your spine.

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