When shopping for JBL earbuds, you know you can’t really go wrong. That can actually make it more difficult to chose from the brand’s selection of over two dozen earbuds (and yes, that’s just earbuds). Here are some factors I looked at and thought about most when determining my list.

Battery Life: Long battery life can be important. Or, if you’re always plugged in and near a charger, it might not matter as much. If you plan on taking them on hikes or long bike rides, well that’s another story.

Style & Comfort: What sounds more comfortable to you: a snug earbud or a flat-laying open-ear speaker? Determine if you want an earbud or open-ear JBL earbud is the first step to figuring out which ones will be the most comfortable in your ears.

Noise Cancellation: Most of these JBL earbuds have Adaptive Noise Cancellation, but a couple are lacking. I personally love the option to switch ANC on and off, but if you find yourself not caring, you can probably save some money.

Water Resistance: IP rating determines how sweat, dust, and water resistant a device is. These headphones range from sweat-proof to rain resistant to full-on submergible.

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