Whats’ the difference between ultrawide and regular monitors?

Ultrawide monitors have a differnet aspect ratio than standard monitors. 16:9 has long since been the standard for computer monitors, but these “ultrawide” displays push that to 21:9, making for a wider, more cinematic-feeling monitor. They can be great for gaming, entertainment, and productivity.

Why did we only pick curved monitors?

There are two types of ultrawide monitors: flat and curved. Flat ultrawide monitors are simply a waste of money, whereas curved monitors are built around how our peripheral vision actually works, allowing you to see more of the screen that paid for by inch. Flat ultrawide monitors are often criticized for this reason. All of the best reviewed and most well-liked ultrawide monitors for gaming are curved, which is why we only picked them.

How is monitor curvature measured?

Curvature is referred to by a number followed by the letter R, to represent radius. Monitors can range from 4000R all the way down to 800R, but the ones we’ve selected as the best are all between 1800R (the unofficial standard for ultrawide monitors) down to 1000R. The LG Ultragear does have a curvature radius of 800R, but that’s starting to get a little too tight for us.

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