He’s lovely, your man. Isn’t he? When you’re down, he’ll always

cook up the perfect little something to cheer you up. (Or he’ll order it out.) When you’re up and always busy, he vacuums up to keep the house clean (or programs the Roomba). He massages your sore muscles. He makes you coffee every morning. He’s a great guy who has everything in the world, and he gives that world back to you. He deserves a great gift.

To be fair, he should put more effort into your gift, his wife or husband. But, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about what you want to get him, how you are going to make him smile this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re stumped and at a gift giving impasse, don’t worry. We’ve got you. We do so much testing over here at Esquire—personally, I do a lot of it. I know what the best gadgets of the year are. I know what the best gaming products are. I know what the best home products are. Esquire knows men, and we’re going to pass that knowledge on to you. If you want to get him a cashmere sweater, a Theragun, new running shoes, or any other product you could possibly imagine, we know exactly which one to get. Don’t believe me? Use this Valentine’s Day as a test. Buy him one of these best Valentine’s Day gifts, and see how much he loves it.

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