Probably not. The list of people who really need an outdoor rated TV is quite small. If you want to have a TV next to your pool or grill, spend $10,000 on an outdoor TV. If you want to put a TV on your garage or patio and never cover it, spend $10,000 on an outdoor TV. If you’re a business owner with an outdoor bar that gets sunshine, maybe spend $10,000 on an outdoor TV.

Everyone else who is working on an outdoor setup, the smart thing to do is get a TV cover, and know the few times you shouldn’t use your TV.

A TV cover, like I showed in the last slide will keep your TV safe on those nasty rainy and snowy days when you’re not going to use an outdoor TV anyway. Then, so long as the TV is not in 100+ degree weather or direct sunlight for over an hour, you’ll be fine.

All that said, if you want 100 percent assurance your TV will withstand outdoor use, go ahead and spend big on the real deal.

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