Shopping for headphones for sleeping isn’t quite the same as buying a pair for casual listening. In order to find the best sleep headphones for your body and mind, you’ll first want to figure out how to prioritize the following categories.

Noise cancelling: Outside sound reduction is one of the main aspects to look for in headphones for many restless sleepers. Truthfully, we can’t endorse noise cancelling while you sleep. Not to be morbid, but what if you’re cancelling the noise of a carbon-monoxide alarm? We included one noise-cancelling option and two standard earbuds.

Style: Not style as in stylish, because if you’re using them to sleep in, who really cares? It’s more: Which style of headphone do you prefer? We’ve highlighted one of each. There’s a pair of earbuds, one pair of over-ear headphones, and a pair of open on-ear headphones. Sleep-mask and headphone hybrids like the Kokoon are also a popular form factor, especially if you are used to sleeping with something over your eyes but now need aural distraction, too.

Comfort: This goes hand-in-hand with the style part. Determining which type of sleeping headphones you need has everything to do with how comfortable the various styles are to you. If you already have pairs of over-ear headphones and earbuds at home, try each out for a night and see which you prefer.

Battery life: The battery life on a single charge should be enough to get you through a good night’s sleep plus a little more. Eight hours minimum of battery life per charge is a good starting point. Each of the ones we picked has upwards of twelve.

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