No need to panic, but I just want to let you know:

Valentines’ Day is right around the corner. You’ve still got time, but at this stage, you’re still just thinking about what gift you’re going to get. This is the first gift-giving occasion of the calendar year, fumbling this one would be a bad look. You need something good, and if you’re looking for reliable shipping on an absurd amount of products, Amazon is going to be your best friend. Time to put aside whatever moral qualms you have with the retailer (sorry) and head on over to Amazon. Good thing is, you can actually score some surprisingly nice gifts on the site.

Since we are online searching for the world’s best products everyday, we thought we’d do a service to the late-stage express shippers. We’ve compiled our favorite gifts from across the Amazon shopping sphere. Need running shoes? We’ve got half-off Ultraboosts. Theater level sound? A portable projector and a Bose soundbar are each below. See? If you look hard enough, there’s a lot of great products on Amazon.

But! I do have to say, there are a bunch of things I think you should not get on Amazon. If you want to get them our Gift of The Year from 2023, the TheraFace Mask, you have to go to Therabody’s site. If you’re a classic romantic and want to get your wife jewelry (a good way to be) do NOT do that on Amazon. Or, if your husband has luxury tastes, you’ll know that there’s nothing for him on Amazon. In those cases, go to a more specialized, higher-end retailer. The rest of you can shop this list.

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