Besides your trusty pickleball paddle, a great pickleball outfit is a court necessity, whether you’re a longtime fan of the sport or you’re just playing for the first time. The best pickleball clothing will wick away sweat, offer spots for an extra ball, and look great—the perfect blend of sporty and chic. (It’s all very much giving stealth wealth.)

Because the sport can quickly get active—all those chops, dinks, and volleys add up—it’s important to dress for exercise, explains Kris Miner, a pickleball pro at the Life Time Target Center in Minneapolis. “Choose materials and cuts that allow you to move freely and stay cool,” she recommends. “I prefer playing in a skirt with built-in shorts and a breathable nylon tank top or T-shirt with a fun saying.” Although there’s no official dress code, she adds, tournament players are not allowed to wear clothes that match the color of the ball they’re using.

There are an increasing number of clothing lines catered specifically to pickleball, but brands still haven’t caught up to the rising demand. But, Miner says, you can fill in the gaps with tennis gear and other workout clothes. Just remember that you’ll be bending down to pick up balls, so make sure to choose options that offer enough coverage. Seamless designs (to minimize chafing) and lighter colors (to keep you cool) should also be at the top of your list, she explains. Oh, and one more thing: Remember to express yourself! These are the best (and cutest!) pickleball clothes to wear on the court—and everywhere else, for that matter.

The best pickleball outfits, at a glance

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