Most Popular Comfortable Chair

Article Abisko Plush Lounge Chair

Abisko Plush Lounge Chair

Article’s luxe velvet lounge chair has a wide base and flattened armrests, which can double as a headrest as you slowly sink into the seat.

Dimensions 42.5″W x 38″D x 28″H
Colors Blue, gold

Most Cloudlike Chair

Floyd Sink Down Lounge Chair

Sink Down Lounge Chair

Floyd’s lounge chair is quite literally called a “sink down” chair. and that is what it’s made to do. The seat base is wide and roomy, and the cushions are cloudlike. Good to sink into for the whole rest of the day.

Dimensions 51″W x 45″D x 32″H
Colors 10+

Most Comfortable Velvet Chair

Interior Define Hayley Chair and a Half

Hayley Chair and a Half

Some furniture brands are making what they call a chair and a half, which is bigger than your normal chair but not as big as a love seat. You could squish two people onto it if you want, but it’s really meant to be plenty roomy for one. Plus, we love a little bit of velvet.

Dimensions 47″W x 37″D x 36″H
Colors 10+

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Most Comfortable Leather Chair

Arhaus Engles Leather Chair

Engles Leather Chair

No one does big and stark contemporary furniture like Arhaus. The brand loves a big, luxe sofa, and the photography backdrop of marble or concrete speaks volumes to the vibe.

That said, everything it churns out is both elevated and incredibly comfortable. The Engles chair features nice soft lines and a high back you can really relax into. That said, there are probably ten other options from Arhaus that could have made this list.

Dimensions 35″W x 35″D x 34″H
Colors Tan, brown

Most Comfortable Low-Slung Chair

CB2 Rodez Saddle Leather Accent Chair

Rodez Saddle Leather Accent Chair

CB2 is our favorite retailer for contemporary mid-century-inspired furniture. No one does it better at a similar price point. Some of the brand’s best offerings at the moment are the Rodez apartment sofa, long sofa, and this little accent chair. The shape is elegant, the leather is absolutely beautiful, and the seat is deep enough for you to get comfortable.

One word of warning though, it’s quite a low-slung chair. The seat is only about 17 inches off the ground.

Dimensions 46″W x 37″D x 26.5″H
Colors 4

Most Comfortable Reading Chair

The Citizenry Helm Armchair

Helm Armchair

The Citizenry works with artisans from all over the world for its collections, and it’s recently been expanding into furniture. A lot of it is good, but the Helm armchair is the absolute standout. The shape is modern, but the materials are homey.

The chair is great for reading, but pair it with the ottoman and you’ve got an all-day lounge setup.

Dimensions 36.5″W x 36″D x 30.58″H
Colors 12+

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Best Luxury Recliner

Design Within Reach Risa Recliner

Risa Recliner

A regular recliner will be comfortable, but it might not match your taste level. Thankfully our friends over at DWR make a recliner that’s got a more refined shape. Plus, with almost 100 upholstery options, anyone can find a version of it that works with their space.

Dimensions 30.25″W x 33″D x 39.4″H
Colors 12+

Most Surprising Comfortable Chair

Anthropologie Havana Leather Chair

Havana Leather Chair

We never thought we’d be turning to Anthropologie for furniture. It always seemed a bit too young, too boho. But this Havana leather chair … well, it’s stunning. The top-grain leather looks incredible, and the shape adds some visual interest.

And yes, of course, it’s comfortable. The plush cushions are perfect for a rainy day in.

Dimensions 29.25″W x 31″D x 34.25″H
Colors Butterscotch, cyan, saddle

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The Most Comfortable Not-Exactly-a-Chair Chair

Lovesac MovieSac


Our editors have expressed LoveSac love several times. This is not a shitty old beanbag. This is an adult-sized, actually-going-to-last-a-long-time beanbag chair. For curling up with a coffee, there’s nothing we prefer over this.

Once again, note the height. The seat height is around 15 inches, which is quite low. Older buyers might want to sit this one out. (Sorry for the pun.)

Dimensions 48″W x 44.4″H
Colors 25+ or custom

Most Comfortable Bouclé Chair

Casterly Solange Performance Bouclé Chair

Solange Performance Bouclé Chair

The comfort of this Casterly chair is all in the thick seat cushion and cozy bouclé fabric. It feels soft to the touch and adds a bit of softened dimension to the room.

Dimensions 26.8″W x 30.3″D x 29.5″H
Colors 1

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Most Comfortable Outdoor Chair

Soho Home Elodie Outdoor Chair

Elodie Outdoor Chair

This is a very extra outdoor chair, but if you are serious about your comfort, this is the most comfortable outdoor chair around. Most outdoor-friendly chairs skimp on the cushioning and only offer something flimsy and easy to take off before a rainstorm. You can still detach this woven fabric, but it’s thicker and more cushioned than any you’ve seen before.

Dimensions 41.3″W x 39″D x 35.2″H
Colors 1

Most Comfortable Desk Chair

LEAGOO Desk Chair

On Sale

Desk Chair

Desk chairs like this one from Amazon have been making the rounds on the Internet for giving supportive cushioning on a chair that’s often flat and uninviting. Working from home is as comfortable as you make it.

Dimensions 19.3″W x 26″D x 37.8″H
Colors 1
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