When traveling, you have to pick and choose what to fill the confines of your suitcase with. But if you have one of the best travel hair dryers, you won’t necessarily feel limited in your options. Thankfully, the current generation of portable styling tools deliver the same results as your go-to full-size hair dryer.

Our top picks:

Like their standard counterparts, all travel blow-dryers aren’t created equal. Look for models that are both small and lightweight—i.e., won’t send you over that 50-pound checked-baggage threshold and slim enough to tuck into a jam-packed suitcase, carry-on, or sturdy tote bag. There are plenty of travel-friendly options that weigh in at just about 1.5 pounds, and many fold to help conserve even more space.

Keep an eye out for any buzzwords or metrics that indicate speed and efficiency, too. Hairstylists we spoke to told us that travel hair dryers that feature ceramic or ionic technology deliver faster, frizz-free finishes. Some may even come with attachments, like a pint-size diffuser for curly hair or a concentrator to help you nail your style.

If your travels take you abroad, dual-voltage is arguably the most important thing to look out for, since these can safely be used for international travel. The box or product listing should explicitly state either “dual-voltage” or “120/240V,” the latter of which indicates it works with outlets up to 240 volts. Since American outlets operate on 120 volts and European outlets operate on 220 volts, this is key. Without this functionality, you risk ruining your dryer the second you plug it in and power it on—yep, even with the right outlet adapter. (The same goes for your flatiron or straightener, blow-dry brush, or curling iron.)

We asked hairstylists to recommend the best travel hair dryers, plus polled Glamour editors, pro travel writers, and friends for their faves so you know what’s actually worth it.

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