Anyone with aching tired, feet, or simply looking for new ways to unwind, should consider trying one of the best foot massagers. These devices can help increase blood circulation, soothe muscles after tough workouts, and feel damn good at the end of a long day. We spoke with a podiatrist to learn more about the benefits of a foot massager, and brought you the best ones to try, including models that have deep-kneading functions that can be used on your feet, calves, back, and neck.

The best foot massagers, at a glance

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What are the benefits of a foot massager?

Studies show that just a few minutes of foot massage and reflexology can reduce stress and pain—and who couldn’t use that? “[Foot massagers] can absolutely be great devices for your feet, depending on certain pedal conditions,” Chanel Perkins, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist tells Glamour. “They’re great for improving circulation, stretching, and easing discomfort, especially with inflammation, stress, and fatigue that we oftentimes experience with our feet.” (And if you’ve been walking in sandals or pushing your running shoes to their limit, a massage can undo miles of discomfort.)

What to look for in a foot massager

Make sure you’re getting one that’s the right fit for your foot size and for the amount of space you have, Dr. Perkins recommends. Electric massagers come in many styles: open-toe, boots that knead your calves, and ones you rest your feet upon. Some varieties are great for travel like mats that roll up and handheld massage guns, while others are heftier and are perhaps best suited for wearing in your living room while you tune out to TV.

You should consider the device’s various control settings and functions, as well. Electric foot massagers often offer special features that hands alone can’t achieve—and what bliss! “Look for various control settings for massage intensity, speeds, and heat functions,” plus toe-touch operation, Dr. Perkins says. “If the foot cover is removable and washable, this is an added bonus.”

It’s worth noting that you should always check in with a podiatrist if you’re suffering from any chronic pain (such as chronic plantar fasciitis), recently had surgery, or are diagnosed with tears or fractures in your feet, Dr. Perkins says. Whatever your kneads, below, we’ve listed the very best foot massagers, from Shiatsu machines that target pressure points to foot baths that gently wash and rub your soles.

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