The wearable market has sort of rifted into two camps. In one, you have smartwatches—supplements for a smartphone, easy to setup and use. In the other, you have dedicated fitness wearables, almost all of which require some stupid subscription plan.

In the middle, you’ve got the OG. The Fitbit.

Among other wearables—which are worth it, if you want to pay—Fitbit stands out because it’s just as good with or without its premium subscription. The premium subscription gives you access to data that you don’t necessarily need, like sleep scores. Sans subscription, the Fitbit gives you all the vitals you need, with plenty of pre-loaded workout modes for tracking (think distance run, walk, swim, or climb). It can connect to your smartphone—iPhone included—to deal with maps, music, and notification. If you want to wear it all the time, it’ll passively monitor your heart rate for anything concerning, and it’ll record your sleep quality. Like I said, everything you need in the most affordable package out there.

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