Gather ’round, kids. Allow us to enlighten you on numbers and units relating to portable chargers. First, their capacity, which is often measured in milliampere hour, or, mAh, the electric charge power over time. In general, the bigger the mAh unit, the larger the battery capacity, and the more power a portable charger can hold and give to your devices.

Most smartphones have a battery capacity of between 2,000mAh to 4,000mAh. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro is around 3,000mAh, and the 15 Pro Max is about 4,000mAh. So, you should look for at least that much in a portable charger so it can fully replenish your phone in one charge. If you see a power bank with five-digits mAh, that not only means it can charge your smartphone over and over sans needing to be recharged itself, but also means it can be paired up to fully power up larger gizmos like iPads or laptops.

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