You’ve likely seen this laser hair removal device all over your social feeds, and for good reason. For starters, “it’s quick and easy to use with three sensitivity modes—normal, gentle, or extra gentle—so it’s less painful than other products on the market,” says Gloria Lin, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. Glamour contributor Brigitt Earley, couldn’t agree more. In just 10 to 15 minutes, she tackled her armpits, legs, and bikini line. “It didn’t hurt at all,” she says. “Maybe a tiny zing here and there, but nothing even remotely significant. And there’s only one big button to press. If you hold it down, it’ll even deliver continuous flashes, so you can complete large areas like legs in, well, a flash.”

Braun promises results in as little as four weeks, and this time frame was spot-on in Earley’s testing. “After weekly treatments for four weeks, 99% of my hair had stopped growing completely,” she says. Also nice: It comes with a precision head attachment for the bikini area, a Venus razor to aid with pre-laser-hair-removal, and a storage pouch.

  • Pros: Fast with a visible reduction in body hair in just a month
  • Cons: Not ideal for facial hair
  • Laser type: IPL
  • Intensity levels: 3
  • Flashes: 400,000 lifetime flashes
  • How to use: Shave with the included razor, then choose your comfort mode. Put the applicator in contact with skin, then glide it along the treatment areas while pressing the button. Repeat weekly.
  • What reviewers say: I’m on my sixth treatment and have already seen significant results! I use this every Friday and shave prior. I went to shave before my 6th treatment (one a week) and there was almost nothing to shave. I use it on my legs, underarms, arms and bikini area. I was very hesitant about buying this but did my research and read all of the reviews (not just on Amazon). If this doesn’t work for someone, it’s most likely due to user error, not using it consistently once a week or having the wrong skin-hair contrast (I have dark hair and light skin). I can’t wait until the end of the 12 weeks as I am already so very happy with the results! —Kam, reviewer on Amazon

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